Love Is In The Air

I made my calendar entry when I got the “save the date” postcard and didn’t up date it when the formal invitation arrived. That’s why we showed up at 5:00 PM for a wedding that didn’t start until 6:30. No problem. We were on Belle Isle and made a slow drive over to the Yacht Club for a pre-wedding drink. On our way we counted four other weddings; one at the Casino, one at the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory and two at the Yacht Club. Five weddings on the same night on a 900 acre city park.

Love is in the air.

The venue for the wedding we were attending was the Flynn Memorial Pavilion. I knew this building as the skating pavilion. I had not been inside since I was a kid. Ice skating was a very popular and inexpensive winter family activity. My dad would park the station wagon at this building and we’d go inside and lace up our skates then to out on the opposite side and skate around the islands created by Belle Isle’s canals. It’s fancier now than I remember it.


This was the fourth same sex wedding I’ve attended since the Supreme Court legalized such unions in Obergefell v. Hodges, in June of 2015. In two of these the partners had already been together for more than 30 years.

In this case Nick and John were both in their late 20’s, the age of so many traditional first marriages. I’d like to report that the fact that there were two grooms was a complete non-issue and it almost was. These families come from smaller communities; Nick’s in Bay City and John’s in Fowlerville. Both of their fathers’ spoke of the pride they felt for their respective sons and welcomed their new son in law into the family. But John’s younger brother’s remarks caught an emotional cord. He kidded about his older bother torturing him as older bothers do. But then spoke of his admiration and respect for how difficult it was for John to be true to himself especially in a small town.

Cue the special effects department. When the ceremony was over and the families were lining up for pictures a rainbow appeared over the Detroit River. You can see the shot I got of it with my camera phone.

And why not? Love was in the air.

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