Don’t Call Us Trekies

I’m an unrepentant Treker (don’t call us Trekies). 50 years ago yesterday the first episode of the original series premiered. I remember watching this innovative show on Wednesday nights while I was in High School.

In premiere episode of the spin off series “Voyger” Captain Janeway’s ship goes into a worm hole and comes out 70,000 light years from earth. I remember turning to Diane and saying “it will take them more than 70 years to get back”. Then Janeway said the very same thing on the television screen. “How did you know that?” Everyone knows a Galaxy  Class Starship’s maximum velocity is Warp 9.9. You can find a much more detailed discussion of this question here.

I had a chance to meet Leonard Nimoy when he was doing a personal appearance on behalf of George McGovern in Michigan. Long before selfies. I would treasure a photo with him

On the occasion of his death a year ago February the “Today” web site described 5 lessons Mr. Spock taught us. Including;

3. “Every life comes to an end when time demands it. Loss of life is to be mourned, but only if the life was wasted.”

Spock’s logical side often gave him practical insights into matters that humans had difficulty processing. He sacrificed his life without hesitation in 1982’s “The Wrath of Khan,” ducking into a radioactive chamber to fix the ship’s drive so the rest of the crew could escape.

With his last breaths he told Admiral Kirk not to grieve. “It is logical. The needs of the many outweigh …” to which Kirk finished, “… the needs of the few.” “Or the one,” added Spock. (But this was space opera, so in the next film Spock returned.)

Writing this I realized I haven’t seen the new film Star Trek Beyond which opened this summer.

This week end I will Make It So.

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