Movin on Up – To the Eastside

Last February I put my house up for sale. I asked a trusted realtor to suggest a realistic price then I added $50,000 and gave him the listing. I expected a long wait for the right buyer but I found myself packing up in May.

The buyers were a family with three teen age kids from suburban Troy. They wanted to be part of the Detroit Experience. Good for them. Mayor Duggan says he wants to be judged on whether or not people are relocating to Detroit. The last time I saw him I let him know I got him five.

This move was one of the toughest experiences of my life. It wasn’t difficult to leave the house. I was ready for that. But dealing with all the stuff in the house was much more emotional than I expected. I was going from about 5,500 square feet to 1,200. At least 85% of the contents had to go.

A good example was what to do with the box of LP records that I acquired in high school and college. I don’t own a turn table. These albums had been in the box in a corner of the basement where I placed them when I first moved in. But holding Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bookends” and mentally reviewing the playlist of songs, most of which I know by heart to this day was, um, emotional. Did I need this physical object to keep me connected to an earlier era of my life? After agonizing over it for 24 hours the answer came very clearly – NOPE. I spent the rest of the move humming “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen. Feel free to click the link and listen to it while reading the rest of this.

So now I’m back on my native Eastside in an “Penthouse” apartment for a year while I figure out what’s next for me. I’m in River Place – the old Parke Davis Pharmaceutical Plant on Jos Campau below Jefferson. When I was born we lived down the street on the other side of the Water Works Plant on Lemay between Jefferson and the River. We moved over by the City Airport when I was seven. But I remember being able to walk to a park and sit on the riverbank and look at Belle Isle.


Here’s one more song you can listen to.

I wouldn’t say I’m finally getting a piece of the Pie, but I’m enjoying being here.


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